Thursday, February 12, 2009

Announcement: Otherness, Session 2

Session 2 of my Otherness campaign will be happening on Sunday, February 22 from 12-4 at The Source Comics and Games. Looks like the Gaming Room's gonna be full o' punks, but I says we shall sonically whelm them! WHELM them, says I!

Possible endeavours: 

  1. If somewhere around 90% of last time's players show up (which strikes me as unlikely), we can try and find out just what the cleric wanted with that mysterious door in The Ruined Monastery.
  2. Level 1 of mega-dungeon The Darkness Beneath by Hackman, as found in Fight On! #2.
  3. Level 1 of mega-dungeon Under Xylarthen's Tower by Jeff Reints.
  4. Level 1 of mega-dungeon The Mines of Khunmar by Stefan Poag.
Do you see a theme??

This is a Free Campaign, so all players are welcome. Those who show up determine what we'll play and which characters are subjected to horrible deaths.


  1. Hmmm....

    Seems to me, the theme is that they're all dungeons. Am I right? Am I right? Am I right?

    Except for anything you might add to The Ruined Monastery, they're all also dungeons that I have (but haven't read in any great detail).

    Either way, I'm planning on being there.

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  3. Oh, hey, did you ever work out the experience from last time? Just curious.

  4. Hm, no. But I will! I promise!

    I need to get back into the XP mindset... :)

  5. Wow, wish I could show up to DM one of my games with that level of variety. All good, deadly dungeons no doubt...

  6. Just buy Fight On! and you'll be all set!