Monday, April 20, 2009

Announcement: Otherness, Session 4

Otherness: Session 4 will take place this Sunday, April 26th, at The Source Comics and Games, from 12-4. This is a Free Campaign, so anyone can show up and play at any point, though if you feel certain you'll be there, I'd love to know ahead of time.

I was considering running Castle Blackmoor by the late, great Dave Arneson; however, I've decided against it for the moment. Given some email I've recieved, it looks like we might have a bigger group with a few first-time ODD players, so we'll be heading back Under Xylarthen's Tower. Level One still holds dangerous mysteries (like up to six wights!), and several downward passages have been discovered, one at least used as a thoroughfare for two clerics and a group of zombies...


  1. Alas, I will be on the North Shore on Sunday and Torren, Cleric of Sol Invictus, will not be present. Alas!

  2. No doubt, man---they NEEDS a cleric! :)

  3. Cleric? Please! Your gods are as shimmering gossamer to the Burning Year.

  4. :)

    Larry, you've just reminded me that I want to do some posts about the Setting...