Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Debut of Exis Hammerfist

Our last session, played back in the middle of May(!), was a big deal for me---my five-and-a-half-year old son Max played his first real game of D&D! The picture on the left is the miniature he chose for Exis his dwarven Fighting Man, and the dice he bought before we left the game store. Not that he needed new dice---he rolled four natural 20s. But more on that in a bit...

Another reason this session was a big deal was, of course, the descent into Level 2 of Xylarthen's infamous Tower. We had an unusually small group for such a serious undertaking. Will was playing Melvin, now 2nd level (I'll talk about that in a bit, too), R.M. was playing Kohenim the cleric, his son Max was playing Redwood the elven Fighting Man, and my son Max was playing the aforementioned Exis, also 2nd level. Melvin acquired the services of two thugs, um, I mean hirelings, named Alan and Zech. They chose the stairway in the former guardroom, aperoom, what have you, and down they went.

A Couple of Tangents
A while ago, Will mentioned to me his idea for xp's, that maybe it's not a bad idea to think of them as being given to the player as opposed to the character. He expanded on it in a post here. Actually, that whole thread was full of fiber, as it were. Go read it. Anyhow, after thinking about it a bit, I agreed with him. Especially given the "play once/month, Free Campaign" model we've got going on here, it seemed fair, especially to players like Will, who show up a lot. So, I grandfathered in the experience he'd built up with his other characters (there have been soooo many, after all...), and lo, Melvin was well into 2nd level.

Max's character I started off at 2nd level. I mean, c'mon, he's five...

As for Melvin's hirelings, I generated them using Robert Lionheart's excellent "Random Hireling Generator" from Knockspell 1. This is a great magazine, and a worthy colleague of Fight On! I bought the pdf of issue 1, but it's another that I'll eventually start collecting in hardcopy as well. Go read and buy!

Some Highlights
  • More giant weasels. I don't know what it was about Xylarthen and weasels,I'm pretty sure someone's gotten hurt everytime they've mixed it up with these large, mean, smelly rodents...
  • In one room a door was opened, which disgorged a hideously cackling skeleton doing a good impression of the Grim Reaper. He laid about with his scythe until Kohenim turned him, at which point he leapt back through the door and slammed it shut. Perhaps judiciously, the party decided to leave it shut.
  • In another room, while searching, they heard sounds outside a door they hadn't yet opened. It became clear it was a group of kobolds. The door was yanked open, revealing an exploratory horde of somewhere close to 10 of the little blighters. Negotiations began, until Exis became impatient. Striding up to the hobgoblin leader, he punched him solidly in the head, dropping the doglizard in his tracks. Needless to say, the rest panicked and ran. The backstage of this was Max saying, "I'm gonna punch him in the face." Pan to group of players looking confusedly. Says I, "Are you sure?" Max: "Yeah!" "Okay," says I, "Roll that 20-sider." Pan to a natural 20. Wide-shot: Whole table cheering a grinning 5-year old. Too cool.
  • In yet another room, some cheeky hobgoblins demanded a toll to pass through the room. Again, negotiations were in hand when Exis decided he'd had enough. Another punch in the face. Another natural 20. Naturally the hobgoblins tossed out their toll-box and took off.
  • Eventually, the kobolds were cornered and dispatched. Another nine hobgoblins were encountered, a fierce battle ensued, and Redwood the Elf was slain. The wounded party decamped with his body, and thereby mostly survived their first foray into the deeper levels of the Tower.
We play again today, and hopefully there won't be anymore long hiatuses (is that a word?)

Max has just rejected going over to a friend's house in favor of coming with me, so I think another gamer has been born... :)


  1. Very cool getting your kids to play!. I wrote about my girls in my blog. Very cool post.

  2. Another great session!

    Melvin the Mediocre made third level and thus is growing out of his sobriquet. Narpet the mage nearly died, but didn't -- we got him back to town (we really need a cleric).

    Speaking of which, after we left, my wife asked me how to roll up a character. So out at dinner afterward, she rolled up -- a cleric. We'll see if she wants to play next time, but I believe that's the plan.

  3. @eldrad: Thanks! What's your blog?

    @will: That's great!

    And I have to ask---does it feel weird to write "my wife"? :)

  4. It does indeed feel weird to write "my wife".

    Say, what have you got for Gods in your world? I ask because she'll want to know, but also to see if you've devoured your Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes book yet.

  5. @will: Yeah, that one took awhile to normalize for me, too... :)

    SO, gods, it's good you asked. It's in the queue of "Posts I Really Want to Write". Suffice it to say, for the moment, that she is free to pick any deity from GD&H that she wants. My preference would be for Celtic/Finnish, but really anything is fine. Her interest should be her guide. And keep in mind that, in Otherness, as we learned yesterday, the gods are close. I take their stats literally.

    As for devouring, I desired a feast but was forced to fast. Thus, today my lunching shall be twofold...

  6. May have found you another player; there was a guy looking for a game over on Dragonsfoot. I posted a link to your blog here.

  7. Excellent! As always, the more, the merrier. Otherness is a big place...