Friday, September 18, 2009

Fight On! 6 released

I'm a bit tardy in posting this, but Fight On! 6 is available for consumption. And trust me, you will want to consume...

Dedicated to legendary publisher of Alarums and Excursions, Lee Gold, it is packed with delicious old school goodness. Some highlights:

  • Erol Otus Art Challenge color-entry Grand Prize-winning cover by Mark Allen. Never have stirges seemed so cool...
  • Sandbox Prepartation by the "Chicago Wizard" Mike Shorten
  • I Need a Dungeon Right Now! by Jeff Reints
  • Another installation of Baz Blatt's Tekumel-themed The Devil's in the Details (for which I had the honor to illustrate an ahoggya...)
  • Another massive level for Fight On! community-created mega-dungeon The Darkness Beneath
  • Enharza, City of Thieves by crazily creative Argentinian Santiago Luis "Zulgyan" Ortis
  • World Creating as a Hobby by Lee Gold (who should certainly know something about it...)
  • Naked Went the Gamer guest editorial by The Forge creator and indie-game iconoclast Ron Edwards, which has, not surprisingly, garned some controversy amongst participants in the Old School Renaissance.

So? What the hell are you doing still reading this? Go and buy it!

(and then go check out EVERY SINGLE LINK in this post---you won't regret it...)

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