Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Splendid Random Dungeon Generator...

...from Wizards of the Coast, of all places. Looks like it's for 3.5, but is certainly easy to translate to older flavors of the game:

Go make a megadungeon in under 10 minutes!

And if anyone can fill me in on what the "Load" field on the bottom of the page is for, I'd appreciate it.

I've already printed out two levels, formated as booklets. Too easy!


  1. Oh, now I get it: The Load Value is for, well, reloading a dungeon after you've created it (by keeping track of the Save Value for a given dungeon.)

    Very cool. You can actually save your dungeons as strings of numbers...

  2. I think that's the seed, allowing you to regenerate the dungeon next time.

    Looks cool. I would rather see something that starts with a more interesting dungeon room, like the random start rooms in the DMG1, but that's just picky.