Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old School Archaeology: The Chronicle of Ryth

                        Chronicles of Ryth pdf at

Run, do not walk, to Risus Monkey and download this document. Now. Do you have it? I'll wait...

Okay, what you are holding is an ORIGINAL CAMPAIGN CHRONICLE FROM 1975-6. And it's 80 pages long. Published as a series of newsletters by John Van De Graaf and Len Scensny, these guys bought their white box straight from the hands of Gary himself. They concocted (of course!) a few house rules, and then began running and fairly exhaustingly, well, chronicling their multiple-GM, 40+ player campaign.

Yeah. You read that correctly. 40+ players.

I'm going to begin doing a cover-to-cover of this historic text in the next few days here on this blog. Until then, do yourself a favor and read it. No, actually, don't just read it--experience it.


  1. Already downloaded, and partially read. It's a treat. I'm looking forward to your commentary.

  2. I am definitely looking forward to your commentary. And keep checking in on the comments to the Ryth posts. Len and John have been dropping a few interest comments here and there. :)

  3. Thanks so much Kesher. This is some very fun reading and very informative. I am looking forward to the commentary.

  4. Thanks, guys!

    RM, I really think this is huge; in some ways, I see this as a Rosetta Stone for early gaming. Lots of people out there have tried to put together bits and pieces from comments made by those who were there, but this IS it.

    I'm already compiling a list of questions for Len and John, the most primary for me at moment is, when in the context of the Chronicle did they get a hold of Greyhawk?

    Oh, and I'm looking forward to my commentary, too... :)

  5. @kesher: Cool beans. Keep compiling those questions and pass them along to Len and John in one batch.

  6. Greyhawk wasn't released until Spring or Summer 1975, so they were working with just the Three Little Booklets (which were not the same as the LBBs, if you know what I mean....).