Monday, March 9, 2009

Announcement: Otherness, Session 3

Sorry for the short notice, but it was dicey enough getting a session scheduled this month at all, let alone two weeks in advance. We must all thank my beautiful wife who is actually letting me game on her birthday. I knew there was a reason I married her! :)

So, Otherness: Session 3 will take place this Sunday, March 15, The Ides of March, at The Source Comics and Games, from 12-4. This is a Free Campaign, so anyone can show up and play at any point, though if you feel certain you'll be there, I'd love to know ahead of time.

We'll be heading back Under Xylarthen's Tower, as only the tiniest fraction of it was explored during Session 2. I'm super excited because, having been entered and exited, the dungeon may now be considered alive, and things will not necessarily be as they were left before...


  1. Unless something goes drastically wrong, I'll be there.

  2. Excellent. Hopefully it won't just be Sneerglaw and a posse of hirelings...actually, that could be kinda fun. :)

  3. I wouldn't object, but I would like to see other players there as well...

  4. Well, it's looking like my old friend Trevor may show up, which would be great. You two'd make a good adventuring pair... :)