Saturday, March 17, 2012


Pe Choi. Tekumelyani race. Elegant philosophers and most friendly with humans.
As many of you have no doubt already heard, Professor M.A.R. Barker died peacefully yesterday in his Minneapolis home, in the presence of loved ones. He will be sorely missed, and the work of The Tekumel Foundation is even more important.

I never got to meet the Professor (though I live in Minneapolis), though I came close once. Nevertheless, his creations have enriched and inspired me for almost 25 years. Tekumel products, including the newly published facsimile copy of the pre-published, playtest rules for The Empire of the Petal Throne can be found here and here.

I was privileged to fulfill a longtime dream of mine and publish three Tekumel-related illustrations in the pages of Fight On! Magazine, issues 5-7, as well a couple of others scattered about. In the best memorial I can think of, I've posted them here.

Thank you, Professor, for everything you gave us. Long Live the Petal Throne!

Pygmy Folk. Tekumelyani race. Will steal you blind. And then steal your eyes.
Ahoggya. Tekumelyani race. Will pretty much eat anything. Including you, if you look like you're dead...
Grandpa Aqqa. Shall we say, a devoted worshiper of the Lord of Worms.

Hra. A terrible undead creature found far too often in the Underworlds.

Shunned One. A mysterious race living in gas-filled dome cities.


  1. They are a great illustrations.
    A worthy tribute!

  2. Great illustrations, Aaron.

    I never got the chance to meet Prof. Barker, and I wish I had. Rest in peace

  3. Thanks, DoubleB!

    I Was so thrilled when the opportunity arose...

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