Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Target 20: Me likey...

This post at the Aspiring Lich led me to this document: Target 20. I feel pretty sure I've read it before, but must not have been in the right mindset to appreciate it. I really like it--it pretty much solves all my statistical and neurotic hesitations about ditching to-hit charts and not liking ascending AC (and getting my kid to practice adding on the fly!)

The only weak spot seems to be thief skills. I can see how it works for almost all of the skills as they stand except for Climb Walls, which starts out much higher to begin with. Maybe give that particular skill a +3 modifier to the roll?


  1. Reroll for climb walls. If you make the first-you go up clean. If you miss the first, then you slide, lose a foot or handhold, whatever (chance for dramatic moment!) Then a reroll to save yourself at the last moment.

    With a reroll a +5 works out to a 51% chance of succeeding.

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